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.it's raining so hard outside by Friiha .it's raining so hard outside :iconfriiha:Friiha 12 2
Here you will be able to find coat colors and see what is rare and what is common. Same for the markings.
ALL natural horse colors are possible :3
Please read carefully before ordering and when calculating a foals rarity after you've done a breeding :]

Coat colors

:bulletgreen: = Common ( 7 rarity points )
:bulletyellow: = Uncommon ( 18 rarity points )
:bulletred:= Rare ( 30 rarity points )

Common Colors

:bulletgreen: Standard chestnut
:bulletgreen: Bay
:bulletgreen: Buckskin
:bulletgreen: Primitive Bay
:bulletgreen: Flaxen chestnut
:bulletgreen: Standard brown
:bulletgreen: Buckskin
:bulletgreen: Classic Champagne
:bulletgreen: Red Dun
:bulletgreen: Gold Ivory Champagne
:bulletgreen: Flaxen Chestnut
:bulletgreen: Dapple Grey
:bulletgreen: Bay Roan
:bulletgreen: Brown Roan

Uncommon Colors

:bulletyellow: Seal Brown
:bulletyellow: Grullo
:bulletyellow: Dun
:bulletyellow: Palomino
:bulletyellow: Black Buckskin
:bulletyellow: Smokey Perlino
:bulletyellow: Gold Champagne
:bulletyellow: Classic Ivory Champagne
:bulletyellow: Amber Ivory Champagne
:bulletyellow: Silver Dapple
:bulletyellow: Strawberry Roan
:bulletyellow: Black Roan/ Blue Roan
:bulletyellow: Flea-bitten Grey
:bulletyellow: White Grey

Rare Colors

:bulletred: Creamello
:bulletred: Solid White
:bulletred: Solid Black
:bulletred: Perlino
:bulletred: Amber Champagne
:bulletred: Red Taffy
:bulletred: Chocolate Flax
:bulletred: Blue Taffy
:bulletred: Taffy
:bulletred: Pearl

Markings/ Modifier Rarity

:bulletgreen: = Common ( 2 rarity points )
:bulletyellow: = Uncommon ( 6 rarity points )
:bulletred: = Rare (10 points )

Common Markings

:bulletgreen: Rabicano
:bulletgreen: Tobiano
:bulletgreen: Overo
:bulletgreen: Sabino
:bulletgreen: Normal White markings ( socks, blazes..etc...)
:bulletgreen: Snowflake blanket Appaloosa
:bulletgreen: Snowcap blanket Appaloosa
:bulletgreen: Near- Leopard Appaloosa
:bulletgreen: Pinto
:bulletgreen: Bird Catcher Spots

Uncommon Markings

:bulletyellow: Splashed White
:bulletyellow: Sooty
:bulletyellow: Ermine spots
:bulletyellow: Varnish Appaloosa
:bulletyellow: Spotted blanket Appaloosa
:bulletyellow: Leopard Appaloosa
:bulletyellow: Pintaloosa

Rare Markings

:bulletred: Lemonsilla
:bulletred: Manchado
:bulletred: Lacing
:bulletred: Smuts
:bulletred: Gulastra Plume
:bulletred: Mosaicism

When calculating the rarity of your EN, lets say, Its a Sooty Palomino with Lacing.

You'll add up 18 points ( for a uncommon color )
Then 6 points ( for uncommon marking )
Then another 10 points ( for rare marking )
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